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. The Hogwarts Express train is the best example. At the time, the British Ministry of Magic directly requisitioned a Muggle train and made a series of modifications to it.

“Thank you, I’m full.”

When Mrs. Weasley enthusiastically 西安夜生活第一论坛网 prepared Albert for the third meal, he quickly refused.

After lunch, everyone sat at the table and chatted. Albert asked Mr. Weasley if he practiced divination at home.

Will cause trouble to yourself. “It shouldn’t, as long as you don’t use magic.” Mr. Weasley said casually. He obviously doesn’t think Albert can learn divination by himself.

“It is difficult to learn useful things in divination lessons 西安桑拿网 . “Percy, who rarely returned to his room, said: “At best, people can only understand some common sense things, and there are very few wizards who really know how to predict.”

“Yeah!” Albert responded somehow. With panel skills, if you add a little upgrade, you can definitely learn to predict, so he is not worried that he will not learn it at all.

Percy seems to have opened the chatterbox, and 西安夜生活网 he will teach Albert some of his own experience and how to arrange it. Time, lest he can’t complete the twelve homework.

Percy’s experience is mostly from Bill told him.

“I think your considerations are completely superfluous.” Fred finally couldn’t help interrupting Percy.

“Don’t Forget, Albert grew up in the Muggle world, and his Muggle research is better than most wizards even if he doesn’t 新西安夜网 learn it.” George pointed out this point unceremoniously. He felt that he might be too much to do because of homework. finished, but certainly not Albert.

“his ancient Runes to be worse than what you do not know how much.” Fred continue to fight against Percy, “I think you certainly did high levels of Albert’s.”

“Well Cough, let’s continue talking about divination, I’m very interested in it.” Albert interrupted, 西安夜生活论坛 “However, the divination professor doesn’t seem to be very reliable.”

“It’s really not very reliable.” Percy He lowered his voice and said, “But everyone