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I picked up the ordinary magic engraving pen, and almost without any pause, drew a fire-gathering magic scroll on a palm-sized magic parchment, and then skillfully rolled the scroll, and only used one hand. The reels are tied up and set aside. As I continued to dip in the ink, I said to Noah who was obviously a little confused: “As for how I did it, I think it’s probably because practice makes perfect!”

Noah was almost 西安夜生活论坛 silly sitting aside.

I don’t know what kind of experience it is to watch me draw a magic scroll next to me. According to Ma, it is an extremely desperate experience, which can make motivated people more motivated and desperate people more desperate. And Ma seldom likes to walk into my attic. He chats with me, basically he chooses to be in the living room downstairs, and sometimes he plays 西安夜网论坛with Tracy.

I think I have to explain it carefully to this new friend. The magic engraving pen rolls between my fingers, like a magic wand.

I said to him: “Actually, it’s nothing unusual. If you copy such a simple fire magic pattern tens of thousands of times on a magic parchment of the same size, you will be almost as proficient as me. This is my daily work. I make some money by 西安夜生活第一论坛网 making such secondary magic scrolls every day. Of course, it is very cheap. I draw at least ten pictures almost every day. I come from the north, where the winter is very long. There is a huge demand for many fire magic scrolls.”

Noah felt a little embarrassed, and then explained: “The water tank in the bathroom of my room does not match the metal plate. Is my request too excessive?”

I blinked After blinking, he said to this 西安耍耍网 straightforward young magician: “I am willing to be able to help you!”

Together, we installed a magic talisman plate of the fire-gathering technique under the water tank in his bathroom. Then, at Noah’s invitation, I visited his room. His room was next to mine. The whole room was It was very tidy, and the surrounding walls were re-posted with new wallpaper, and the windows were replaced