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e ship is getting lighter and lighter. From the azure blue at the beginning, it has now become transparent and colorless. Everyone on the Seawolf looked at the neat white houses in Xuetao City, feeling excited. Clang clang! The bell for disembarkation has been rang, and Edie and Milne, who were already ready, rushed to the newly built pier with the fragrance of oak. Under the fiery sunset, the two teenagers rushed towards the city of hope with dreams 西安夜网论坛 in their dreams amidst the calls of seagulls. Recommend a book: “My Day Has 48 Hours” Chapter 253 The Journey of the Viscount Second Son (Part 2) Night, Xuetaocheng. The two dream-seeking teenagers were hit hard on the first day they came to the land of dreams. That is-they may be sleeping on the street tonight~. Edie Campbell was carrying a baggage, leaning on 西安夜生活论坛 the white wall with a look of lovelessness. Beside him is a brightly lit wooden door. The house is very lively. There are human mercenaries screaming and drinking, there are also the peculiar wolf howling of jackals, and even the thunderous laugh of ogres. , There is also a mixed aroma of ale and food. The mixed scent penetrated Edie’s nose, and the noble young master felt a little hungry. But when he thought that he might be sleeping on the road tonight like a homeless 西安夜生活第一论坛网 vagrant, he was in no mood to eat. Although he was only the second son of Viscount Campbell, he was also a good food and clothing since he was a child. He has suffered such a grievance. At this time, Edie’s businessman friend walked out of the door with a downcast face. It’s full here too. Edie felt that the world was full of malice, but as expected, he stood 西安耍耍网 upright on the wall with both hands, looking distressed towards the bright moon rising in the east. Let’s go, let’s find again, There must be some empty rooms. The merchant Milne wailed and wailed. This is already the eighth one. Go ahead, I can’t walk anymore. Edie’s face is serious and serious. Believe me, Milne, there are no more than nine things. Milne hammered 西安夜生活网 the wall as