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n’t keep his hands. Without any tricks, it’s like beating sandbags. The face man obviously didn’t expect this situation, so he was tired of parrying. However, as Roland’s strength improved, the defense quickly lost its effect. The hands used to block were broken into several pieces, and his sternum and ribs were all shattered. Every fist was like hitting tofu. The original hard muscles of the opponent gradually turned into mud. If you were a normal person, you would not be able to Alive. “Let you pretend, let you pretend” Roland slapped and cursed, “Is it amazing to be able to turn your head, do you think you’re making a ghost film?” To be honest, when he first entered the alley, he was really taken out by the charcoal man. How frightened you are actually pretending to be a ghost in front of the dream creator, why don’t you go to heaven? “It’s impossible” The other party’s voice has changed completely, and I can hardly hear what it is saying, “Why can’t I use it” “What to use? Roland noticed that the rotation speed of the Qi on his forehead was getting slower and slower. He tried to reach out and grab it, but found that it had become an entity at this moment. “Use this magical power?” “No, don’t touch it.” The enemy said it was not natural. It was to be done. He held the opponent’s head with his hand and pulled the cyclone with his hands. When the heat flow in his body reached its peak, the cyclone was torn down by him. After falling into Roland’s palm, the cyclone changed from a deep red to a brilliant color of white inside and blue outside, which looked more like a galaxy. However, it didn’t stay in the hand for long. After resuming its rotation, the cyclone shot out the dazzling brilliance and rushed straight into the sky, as if there was a silver thread between the sky and the earth, and it disappeared after a few seconds. At this time, Roland noticed that the warm current in his body had also calmed down, and as if he had been greatly satisfied, an indescribable comfort emerged from all over his body. He h