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justice Audrey have shipped stolen, Mr. commitment to the world of spells, stars Leonard also get the corresponding reward from the old man Palie Si there for booty kinship Viscount given both appeared very calm, very clear, not who Be the first to speak, and politely wait for others to choose first.

In addition, one of them has personally experienced the battle at the angel level, and the other has witnessed the horror of Amon’s clone, and they have confirmed that the Tarot Society has a powerful potential. It is inevitable that there will be some spirit at this time. On the exhaustion.

Judge Xiu looked at the right side, and then looked at the opposite side. Seeing that everyone was humble, he took the initiative to break the silence:

I am responsible for the simple part, don’t take too much risk, and, Mr. Moon I also paid 60 pounds in advance. I want the cash in this wallet. While

talking, she took the handmade wallet, took out the banknotes, and quickly counted:

335 pounds.

Moon Emlyn I looked around, saw no one objected, and nodded:


As for the handmade wallet, Judge Xiu threw it 西安夜生活第一论坛网 back to the center of the table, and gave it to Mr. Moon, who

would take care of it. With Xiu’s lead, the Magician Buddha Ersi opened his mouth and said:

I just lent the’Limano’s travel notes’, without taking the risk, I will take the’Moon Paper Man’

Compared with magical items, this one-time extraordinary thing has a relatively low value.

However, for the magician herself, even if she is qualified to pick magical items, she will not do that, because she really needs some of those magical items. For these abilities, she can spend money to ask the corresponding members to record, and the Moon Paper Man, a disposable item that can take a fatal injury and mental piercing instead of herself, cannot be recorded. For the timid and afraid of death, This was definitely the first choice.

After speaking, 西安桑拿网 she waited for a while and saw that no one objected, and

then took the Moon Paper Ma