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ly put away the half-playing wizard card in his hand. Lee Jordan was a little dissatisfied with this because he was about to win this game.


This is completely shameless!

However, Lee Jordan’s dissatisfaction did not last long, and he also put away the wizard card. Compared to playing the wizard card, the upcoming thrilling adventure is obviously more interesting.

“Tom, stay in the room, don’t run around, and come back to you later. Dried fish.” Albert raised his hand and scratched Tom, put it on the cushion next to him, raised his head and said to the 新西安夜网 three of them: “Get ready, let’s go!”

“We are already ready. The three said in unison.

At this moment, it was nearly eight o’clock, the sky was completely dark, and the library was almost closed. If four people go out together, it is easy to attract the attention of other students in the lounge, so the four people leave in batches .

When Albert and Lee Jordan walked out of the 西安桑拿网lounge together, they happened to ran into Percy who had just returned from the library. The Gryffindor prefect looked tired.

In order to get excellent results in the OWL exam , Percy was also reviewing their homework very hard.

Five minutes later, they came to the secret passage agreed on the fourth floor, joined Fred and George, and secretly opened the door when there was no one, and sneaked into the restricted corridor 西安夜网论坛 on the fourth floor. in.

after closing the doors leading to the restricted area backhand Fred corridor, Albert asked again, “are you going how uniform the dog?”

“with this.”

four through dark corridors, it appears in the penalty area on the fourth floor corridor At the end of the movie, Albert took out the music box from his pocket and copied several music boxes and handed them to the other three people.

At this moment, 西安夜生活网 Fred, George, and Lee Jordan are all at a loss. Don’t understand what’s going on?

Albert twisted the clockwork to make the music box emit a crisp sound.

“The music box can only last for twenty or thirty seconds. Lat