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get off the boat with your luggage. Gate and Roxy will take you to the city hall to register your identity. For the rest, just listen to their arrangements.” “Yes. “Everyone replied respectfully. Walking down the pier, Ferryn walked over with his wife, stroking her breasts, and said, “Miss May, Irene just told me about the conflict in the theater. Thank you for your care for her.” “No thanks. “Mey said disapprovingly, “The other party seems to be making trouble for her, but actually came to me.” “Even so, I still want to thank you.” The knight smiled heartily, “If it weren’t for you, she Will definitely cry on the spot. After the two left, Mey pouted her lips, carried her luggage on her back, and walked towards the residential complex. Although she had put down this feeling, she still felt a little emotional when she saw this scene, and the familiar figure did not appear. , But I still vowed to surprise myself in the letter. Okay, after all, the other party is an important person next to His Royal Highness, and it is impossible to move around like the dawn and dawn, right? Back home, Mey put down the package, a long absence A sense of relaxation came to her face. She took a long sigh and took out the white wine from the cupboard. When she was about to drink a glass, there was a knock on the door. Opening the door, Catlannis was standing outside. Thinking that you will be half an hour early,” he wiped the sweat from his forehead, “I heard that the ship from Longsong fortress has arrived, and I came over from the barracks. “I don’t know why, I didn’t see him at the dock, and I didn’t pick him up, but seeing his appearance made Mey feel happy instantly, “Would you like to come for a drink?” “No, I still have a task in the afternoon,” Carter waved his hand. “Well,” she nodded, “The things your Highness explained are more important. “I came here to give you a gift,” the chief knight took out a small white wooden box from his pocket and handed it to her. “Is this the latest product in the convenience market?” “Mei took