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creatures around the city of the sky-Samilia, constantly attacking the energy shield of the city of 西安耍耍网 the sky. The black evil energy exploded on the transparent shield of the sky city. In the sky city, the crystals on the top of the magic towers shot out purple rays. The flying magic creatures that were shot were immediately decomposed by the magic energy and disappeared into the air. . Disintegrate the rays? ! Lord White Dragon can’t help 西安桑拿网 but be speechless, he is indeed the City of the Sky! Disintegrating the ray, this master magic, is just a conventional defense method. However, these flying magic creatures are just cannon fodder used to consume the energy of Sky City. In the distance, a dozen huge figures exude a powerful aura. Among the dozen or so figures, there are demons, extraordinary creatures, and humanoid creatures, all exuding powerful aura without exception. They are all powerhouses of high-level legendary level. Lord White 西安夜生活网 Dragon has a solemn gaze, this is the real trump card of the Demon Church! At this time, a spiritual connection, from the highest magic tower in the Sky City, to the White Dragon Lord, the familiar voice of the Silver Dragon Grand Duke sounded in Bai Long’s heart. Amos! fast! Relax your body, I will use Samiriya’s power to enhance your 西安夜生活第一论坛网 combat effectiveness. Hearing the prompt, Lord White Dragon hurriedly followed suit. Suddenly, a huge will connected the spirit sea of ??Lord White Dragon. Amos was surprised to find that the Sky City was actually similar to his own golden finger. The whole world suddenly became clear, and it could actually see the flow of magical energy in the 新西安夜网 air. Very shocked, isn’t it? In fact, Taring scans the surrounding environment and transmits the information to your spiritual sea. Moreover, as long as you are still within the scanning range of Taring, Taring will alert you if it finds danger. Duke Yinlong explained to Bailong who was blessed by Sky City for the first time. Taling will connect the spirit sea of ??all councillors, so that everyo