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n the room.

“I suggest you lie down on the bed for a while when you first wake up. It’s best not to move.”

Ivan turned his head and looked over, but saw Madam Pomfrey coming from the other side, her face His expression was serious, and he 西安耍耍网 held a big bowl in his hand and brought it in front of Ivan.

“Come on, drink this potion first.”

Yifan looked at the gray-black in front of him , and there was still some unidentified muddy soup on it, with a bitter face, but still obediently took the potion and drank it.

The potions in the wizarding world don’t taste good at all. This may be related to the strange potions materials…

“Soothing flowers… four-leaf clover… 西安夜生活第一论坛网 buckthorn…”

With a level four knowledge of potions, Ivan quickly distinguished most of the medicinal materials contained in the gray-black soup.

They are all speeding up the recovery of magic power and calming the nerves…

“Well, that’s right, that’s basically it, but I missed the tail wing of the black bat and a little snail slime. It’s a pity that I am not a teaching professor, so I can’t give you extra points!” Pang Mrs. Frey didn’t expect Ivan’s potion level to be so high. Although she didn’t recognize them all, she was already very good.

Hearing that there was something like snail mucus in the material, Ivan’s face changed and he almost vomited the medicine he had drunk…

It was disgusting…

“You need to rest for a few days, so every day You need to drink it twice.” 西安夜生活网 Madam Pomfrey said to herself as if she didn’t see Ivan’s uncomfortable expression.

“In addition, how did you exhaust all the magic in your body?” Madam Pomfrey looked at Ivan very dissatisfied. “Fortunately, it was quite timely when Albus sent you over, otherwise you might be a dumb gun in the future.”

“Such a serious problem? There are no sequelae, right?” Ivan didn’t care whether the potion was sick or not. Disgusting question, hurriedly asked.

“Not this time, but I hope this kind of thing won’t happen a second time!” Madam Pomfrey said seri