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corpses all over the floor. The corpses were covered with green spider-web patterns, and their expressions were hideous and distorted. Obviously, they suffered great pain before they died. The cause of death should be the poisonous mist that just drifted out. Willy raised the hand of a strong man, and he found the man’s hand covered with calluses. After years of hard work, the dead were 西安耍耍网 villagers taken away by the cult. Willy searched one by one, and it found that every Cthulhu believer had traces of snakes, either with some kind of snake organs or some parts of his body with snake scales. Suddenly, Willy found a space bag on a certain believer. Without hesitation, Willy opened the space bag that had lost his master. There are some living supplies in the space bag, a small box of gold coins, But what surprises Willy the most are two books, a diary and a book with a gorgeous cover. When he sees the name of the book, Willy is overjoyed. Great, the task given by my brother is completed! These days, according to the information obtained from the torture of the believers, the Cthulhu doctrine has been analyzed almost, but the paper records have never been encountered. Wei Li did not expect to find a Cthulhu cult here. Willy turned through the diary and the scriptures and put them away. Later, Willy found that the distribution of the bodies was a little strange. They seemed to be surrounding something. Willy squatted in the center of the sacrificial chamber and found traces of heavy objects on the ground. altar? Willy took out the diary and confirmed his guess that this 西安桑拿按摩 is the sacrifice room. Kill your companions when you leave, but take away the altar! Willy felt a little puzzled, and then he thought of the altar in the cave in the small mountain village. It seems that I have to go back. Willy walked to the door, thought for a moment when he came to the door, turned around and set a fire on the body in the sacrifice room. Hateful and pathetic cultist. Ignoring the fire and smoke behind him, Willy returned