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few steps forward and 西安耍耍网 sat in his own position.

Crestai raised his right index finger, pressed his nostril, and groaned for a few seconds:

“I plan to test your mastery of the potion first, there is no problem

.” “No.” Klein shook his head confidently.

“Very confident.” Crestai laughed, and then kept the same posture as before, watching the opposite side quietly.

Klein suddenly felt the light of the surrounding gas lamps disappeared and was swallowed by the thick darkness.

He suddenly became very tired, as if he had come to the sleep time marked by his biological clock.

However, his spirit is highly tense and it is difficult to relax, just like the usual situation where he is too tired to sleep peacefully.

The quiet “night” filled the surroundings, Klein heard the ticking sound of the tap not tightened, 西安夜生活论坛 heard the voice of the Blackthorn Security Company, and heard the wind blowing through the stairs.

Besides, he didn’t see anything that shouldn’t be seen, and didn’t hear any sound that shouldn’t be heard.

“Very good.” Crestai’s magnetic voice dispelled the darkness, allowing the gas lamps in the alchemy room and outside to reappear in Klein’s eyes.

Klein suddenly freed himself from the deep exhaustion, and restored his energy. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

Unknowingly, it affected me. This is the level of Sequence 5. This is the horror of the senior deacon. He recalled what happened just now with a little fear.

Crestessima clasped her hands on her knees, and she shrank down a bit, so that her lips were blocked by the high upright neckline:

“You passed the test, and your mastery of potions has reached The level above the excellent level.”

“Next, I want to observe whether there are hidden dangers in your body, mind, and mind, and whether the residual spirit of the potion has unknowingly changed your personality and left problems.”

“You have three minutes to adjust yourself. The state.”

Klein nodded immediately:


He took a deep breath, let himself slowly enter a meditation state, and got rid