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sically there.

Even the Marquis of Siacques, who had just eaten a banana peel last night and dislocated his thigh, also wore an extremely old aristocratic dress and mixed in the crowd solemnly.

Hesse took Joe to the Duke of Rose’s side and saluted 新西安夜网 the Duke of Rose solemnly.

Duke Rose glanced at Joe, smiled and pointed at him with a folding fan. He didn’t speak much, and Hessian and Joe were mixed into the crowd.

The members of the Seven-person Committee who had already arrived quickly gave way. Hessen stood calmly in front of the middleman. The heads of the other six major families of the Seven-person Committee stood beside 西安夜网论坛 Hessen with a smile on their faces, and they were surrounded by them again. Dozens of other family heads, large and small.

Hessen and Joe instantly became the “moon” of the stars and the moon, so many people centered on the father and son, and an aura that belonged to the Rittal family spontaneously emerged, making the new pier No. 3 nearly countless. One could not help but look sideways.

Duke Ross stood up and nodded to 西安夜生活第一论坛网Yanan.

Joe was in the crowd, he was very tall, except for Hesse, the heads of everyone around him were only close to his armpits.

He looked at the sea not far away. All the battleships of the Jiaxijia Squadron and Tulum Port Squadron were lined up on the sea. The hulls of the two fleets were horizontal, half of the sails were raised, and the gun doors on the sides of the ships were ajar. 西安夜生活论坛 , Put on a posture to attack at any time.

On the old fort in the distance, there were flags waving, and a large group of soldiers moved on the old fort.

A little further, on the Golden Fleece and Silver Bull Capes, there are two larger turrets than the old ones, and the new turrets with more advanced and more powerful artillery are also flying flags.

An old turret, three new turrets, plus two squadrons…


Qiao faintly felt that this was not like sending someone off, but more like guarding someone who was coming.

Look at the officers beside Duke Ross.