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hem up.

Modern medical technology cannot treat these symptoms at all. Doctors can only do their best to maintain the vitality 西安桑拿网 of these people who have lost their souls.

But once the person in the game dies in the game, no matter how healthy the body index of the people outside is, they will still die directly!

3,990, this is the death number so far!

Such a huge death No matter which country it is placed in, the number is definitely a panic disaster. The fault is that this country has extremely powerful institutions that 西安夜网论坛 are operating frantically, and I am afraid it cannot be suppressed. But if this situation has not been improved, it will always be. One day it was discovered.

But fortunately, in the recent period, the number of times patients have been found does not know why the cliff-like descent authority has gone through a long period of research, and finally came to a conclusion: this soul-swallowing game may have reached 西安夜生活网 a certain level. Such a degree of saturation, so the number of swallows has become so small recently.

Before this game starts to swallow on a large scale again, you must study its essence!

For this reason, the Shenzhou Administration has been operating frantically and even stopped a lot of people in order to be able to recruit more personnel. Scheduled activities.

But so far, after many efforts, 西安夜生活论坛 the administration has only succeeded in letting the soul of a logistics staff into the world of the game. Although the logistics staff can contact the administration through the chat channel in the game world, but The management bureau found reluctantly that the way the logistician entered the game could not be replicated.

First, you must receive an email.

As a result, no one except this logistics staff 西安耍耍网 received this kind of mail!

This had to evolve into a very embarrassing situation with a large number of staff in the administration, in order to ensure that this logistics staff was not in the game world. Will die because of danger and lose the only connection with