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tarving 西安夜生活网 to death a few days ago. Now, when I heard that there was food for work, the gray dwarf slaves began to drag the zombies in the trench desperately for their own vegetable dumplings. It is precisely because these gray dwarf slaves seem to have been beaten with chicken blood, this beastwoman warrior will have so much gain.

She poked a short spear against the dirt wall and reached out to touch the water sac on her waist. She wanted to drink a sip of water to moisturize her hoarse and dry throat, but the water sac had become dry. After opening the cork, she removed the water He leaned to his mouth, shaking vigorously and only a few drops of water came out. These few drops of water did not even relieve her chapped lips.

At this time, an orc supervisor at the quarry field took his gaze away from the short spear that the orc warrior had prodded on the ground, and looked at the blunt iron drill in his hand, smacking his tongue with envy. His small, bean-sized eyes blinked and took out the water sac on his waist. Passed it over.

The orc warrior looked at the orc overseer with some suspicion, which made the orc overseer look a little embarrassed. Some guilty orc overseers were about to hang the water 新西安夜网 bag back on their waist, and the orc warrior had already snatched it over. Bite open the cork stopper, drank three consecutive sips, and then quickly returned the water sac to the orc supervisor, just thinking of thanking him. At this time, a group of gray dwarf slaves happened to walk up the dirt wall. Report to the orc supervisor: “According to your instructions, our team has assembled a hundred zombie corpses.” When the

orc warrior saw the gray dwarf slave reporting to the orc supervisor, she swallowed back what she was about to say, turned and looked into the trench. The zombie who was about to crawl out didn’t pay attention to the orc overseer, who was so angry that the orc overseer gave the gray dwarf slave who had come to show his merits a whip.

Sister Guo Guo took me and drew a simple magi