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sness is not the kind that is cold and ruthless. How do you say it?”

Song Er frowned, “If he insists on saying it, I am afraid that it will be described as too empathetic. But how can people To abandon the seven emotions and six desires and achieve too much forgiveness? That is already the realm of a true saint, so I am afraid that this kind of ruthlessness has to be carefully considered. Well, it always feels more powerful than the 西安耍耍网 so-called Taoism of the blind.”

Gan Hong’s eyes are full of doubts.

Song two had said: “do not understand no problem, as you put it is our intuition Warrior of it you should know, as a Warrior, our perception is very keen that Qiu young master, not simple.” “I

Will pay attention, the second instructor.” Gan Hong nodded.

Song Er said helplessly: “It depends on the situation if you didn’t listen to it. I’ll 新西安夜网 just say that. It’s up to you to do what you want to do. But now I can tell you good news.”

Gan Hongtou A look of doubt came.

But at this moment, a row of off-road vehicles suddenly drove from a distance. These off-road vehicles were full of men and women, young men and women in combat uniforms stepped down from the off-road vehicles at this time, and then quickly formed their movements.西安桑拿网

They raised their heads and chests, standing with hands behind them, with a compelling momentum.

“Second instructor, this is”

“They are all members of the reserve.” Song Er said indifferently at this time: “From now on, they will be under your jurisdiction. Master means, I hope you can bring these reserves to yours. Go to your hometown, and then temper it out as soon as possible.”

Sweet red lips opened 新西安夜网slightly.

Song Er smiled at this time: “That is to say, from the beginning, they are equivalent to your power of revenge.”

Gan Hong was silent for a moment, “Why?”

Song Er sighed and said, “Of course it is because of the master and the old man. Shao agree. Gan Hong, Master and Da Shao know your thoughts better than anyone else. Of course, let you become Miss Ying’