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nced of the envoy. If it is a liar, just taking out this medicine that can rejuvenate the body is enough to make a large number of nobles and wealthy merchants completely fall to it. Why should he tell the truth about the role and essence of the drug? Three years ago, he could only move in a wheelchair by his servants. Now he can at least stand and walk on his feet, relying on the secret medicine of the gods. If the other party’s request can be fulfilled and further immortality can be obtained, all the problems that bother him will be solved. Barrich lifted the curtains and walked toward the stone stairs with his head held high. Unlike when he came, he is full of strength at this moment, with steady steps,The undercurrent and angry waves roaring under his feet became a horn to encourage him to move forward, and the damp cold wind could not shake it. Text Chapter 659 The Secret of Two People Chapter 659 The secret of the two, Roland made himself a cup of tea, and then looked at Nightingale. You either want it, thank you. She leaned on the recliner, holding the dried fish in one hand and a new script written by Mey in the other, reading with gusto. After Anna talked with her, Nightingale disappeared for two days first, and when she appeared in front of Roland again, she seemed to have relieved her burden and returned to her former free and free appearance. There is always an unconcealable smile on his face, and occasionally he secretly glances at him, his eyes full of vitality. Just like she is now. Without fear, he put his feet on the coffee table horizontally, and his robe was rolled to one side, revealing the slender legs wrapped in black stockings, and only temporarily concealed his figure when someone came in. This attractive posture made Roland’s eyes often involuntarily tilted to one side, which caused half a morning to pass, and even a drawing was not drawn yet. I knew I would not ask Soraya to draw this kind of thermal socks close to nylon. He brought another cup of tea with a pleasant fragrance to Nightin