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ecause the power of the true dragon had disappeared, but because she seemed to be isolated in her body and unable to affect the outside world.

But she is keenly aware that there is an upper limit of this kind of imprisonment. The power beyond this upper limit should still have an effect, but the effect will be weakened and weakened also depends on how much the upper limit can be exceeded.

“Sister Long, I feel as if I can’t use

my strength .” Luo Pianju suddenly said at this time, “The wings can’t be opened!” She looked back, and saw the little butterfly demon clenched her fists at this time, and raised her full strength. His cheeks were even flushed in the end.

“Don’t try.” The true dragon of Shenzhou shook 西安夜生活网 his head at this time, “You can’t break through the restriction of that profiteer.” The little

butterfly demon suddenly frustrated like a balloon, and then said in amazement: “Sister Long, you said it was. Did the boss make it?”

The real dragon from China snorted at this moment: “The entire city has been banned, and even mine is slightly affected by me! And depending on the situation, it’s not twice a day. In the matter of heaven, besides that profiteer, who can have this kind of ability? Except for this profiteer, you can count half of the whole China as I lose!”

“It seems to be the same.” Luo Pian nodded, and then Suddenly he said: “Hey, why is the boss banning this place?”

“Who knows what that guy is thinking about.”

The true dragon of Shenzhou muttered a complicated expression at this time . 西安夜生活第一论坛网 As the true dragon of Shenzhou, she and Shenzhou The sense of the earth was not cut off because of this ban, so she knew almost immediately that the ban was only limited to the city.

It was precisely because she knew that as long as she was out of the scope of this city, all the extraordinary powers would operate as usual, so she was not too anxious.

And, subconsciously, she even thought that if the city was cut off by extraordinary power, it might be a good thing.

At least, in this