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anted to rebel, Cloud would definitely not be able to act on these two soldiers who seemed to him extremely ordinary.

Forty years ago, the millions of troops of the Durham Empire went south and destroyed hundreds of thousands of militias in Tulum Harbour in just two days. That battle has left a deep impression of the invincibility of the empire in the hearts of old people like Claude.

The two soldiers sternly pushed their rifles forward.

Claude raised his hands and took two steps back blankly.

The soldiers behind Qiao were tall and tall, about four inches taller than the local natives in Tulum. They are young, courageous, full of energy, and full of fighting spirit. They are descendants of the imperial army that conquered Port Tulum and Jiasijia. Their grandfather and father came from the north of the empire.

On the island of Jiasijia, in the port of Tulum, these imperial soldiers formed their own factions.

They are incompatible with the local people, they have blood and blood feuds with the locals, and they have an absolute 西安夜生活第一论坛网 psychological advantage over these short locals.

The two little soldiers, when they looked at Old Man Claude, in their hearts, they were all condescendingly overlooking—but they were just an old native man!

That’s it.

A second lieutenant officer walked up with several soldiers. The second lieutenant grabbed Crowder’s cane and twisted his hands behind him. A soldier was holding a special steel handcuffs that were 西安桑拿网 enlarged and heavier, and buckled it heavily on Claude’s wrist.

Claude pursed his lips and looked at Joe deeply.

Joe stepped on Sinbad’s chest, and the blood on the ancient war knife in his hand was red, and the blood continued to slide down the knife, drop by drop on Sinbad’s face and chest, which was constantly struggling.

This sword is very evil.

It cut through Sinbad’s face, and a weird force remained on the wound, and blood continued to flow out, without any signs of coagulation to stop the bleeding.

The blood flowed down Sinbad’s neck to