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ss the exams 西安夜网论坛 in the curse, transformation and herbal medicine class. By brewing this potion to make his son smarter.” “Did they succeed?” “Successful, but also failed.” Dagworth said meaningfully, “At that time, there were still others with him. A potionist named Bilius Fenbok did make a poor-quality Buffy Brain Rejuvenator.” “His son became […]


result, Uncle Mogg seemed… …Forgot that Katrina was sitting at the desk, her eyes retracted from the parchment, and she raised her head to look at the snow falling outside the window. For some reason, there was an inexplicable loneliness 西安夜生活论坛 and sadness in her heart. With the relationship between Isobel and Albert, finally Probably […]


th envy. “It’s boring to stay at home during the summer vacation.” “It’s really boring.” Fred muttered, “But, basically every year is spent like this. Yes, I’ve long been used to it.” “You can at least play Quidditch.” Li Qiaodan couldn’t help but protest. As soon as everyone chatted, Professor McGonagall brought 西安夜网论坛 first-year freshmen […]


. The Hogwarts Express train is the best example. At the time, the British Ministry of Magic directly requisitioned a Muggle train and made a series of modifications to it. “Thank you, I’m full.” When Mrs. Weasley enthusiastically 西安夜生活第一论坛网 prepared Albert for the third meal, he quickly refused. After lunch, everyone sat at the table […]


t the Dark Arts club and invited Lockhart as an instructor. This won the support of a group of Lockhart fans, but this incident was not organized by her, but by A senior student who admired Lockhart established a club called “Admiring Guidro Lockhart”. Hermione soon discovered 新西安夜网 that this club was different from what […]


ly put away the half-playing wizard card in his hand. Lee Jordan was a little dissatisfied with this because he was about to win this game. 西安夜生活论坛 This is completely shameless! However, Lee Jordan’s dissatisfaction did not last long, and he also put away the wizard card. Compared to playing the wizard card, the upcoming […]


stroyed Description: This is a magic item made with a lot of precious metals. It has been destroyed for the bearer to resist a lethal attack. Note: What is contained in it is not only magical power, but your alchemy level is not enough to repair it…] “Isn’t it not only magical power?” Ivan looked […]


n the room. “I suggest you lie down on the bed for a while when you first wake up. It’s best not to move.” Ivan turned his head and looked over, but saw Madam Pomfrey coming from the other side, her face His expression was serious, and he 西安耍耍网 held a big bowl in his […]


tive to hold Hermione’s hand 西安夜网论坛 and pulled her away, clearly feeling that Hermione’s wrist was trembling slightly. For a 13-year-old witch, he experienced this in a short time. The scene of multiple killings really embarrassed her. In a moment of silence, the three returned to the meeting room. Everyone except them is already here, […]


he table tiredly, waved his hand, and said weakly. “Mr. Minister” The wizards standing in the front exchanged their eyes, and Barty Crouch took a deep breath. The expression became particularly ugly, “Gringotts” Next to Mr. Crouch, Amelia Burns, the current director of the Magic Law Enforcement Department, went on to say stiffly, “Gringotts declared […]