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, the symbol of the witch empire, a

much more approachable. The rumors about the red moon start more than a thousand years ago, when there was neither Graycastle nor Wimbledon. But your Majesty, there is a documented history, and it’s only 450 years. It’s not that it’s not recorded, but it’s been deliberately concealed. Roland changed a comfortable posture on the seat. Tell you slowly. Next, the bachelor heard an incredible and amazing story. It surpassed the uninhabited and uninhabited land, and went back thousands of years to the Dawning Neck, the symbol of the endless war between mankind and the devil, the red moon, the symbol of the witch empire, and the four kingdoms and churches. If this is not the king, he It will definitely be denounced as absurd. But there was no joking in the other’s expression. When Roland finished his statement, Dispersion Star felt that his breathing was much more difficult. He always thought that the end of the day was the Heaven’s Punishment that the gods descended. The sea raised a huge wave, the earth trembled and cracked, and the earth fire and the sky thunder crossed. Although terrible, it would not let humans All perish. As long as you prepare in advance, you can even save a considerable part of the city. But in His Majesty’s statement, the red moon was actually the signal of the devil’s attack and in this conquest that lasted for thousands of years, humans had already failed twice. If they were defeated again, they would be completely wiped out. The voice became hoarse. Where did you know these witch empires and churches? Roland stretched out two fingers. The establishment of the four kingdoms was related to them, and Greycastle was no exception. In addition, I have dealt with the demons in the west of the Western Territory. They have their own civilization and army, and they are veritable alien races. No one knows what that god’s smile is, and maybe only after the battle of the gods can find the answer. Dispersion Star fell silent. He didn’t know whether he should believe this horrifying statement, bu