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l all dirty people and make the city clean again.

He once danced with this prince in the shadow of Avalon, and looked at her exquisite jewel-like eye pupils close at hand. The pupils were full 西安夜网论坛 of pain and hollowness.

He could see the deepest scars and blood.

In Stein’s secret room, the two had a brief time together, but they did not have deep communication with each other.

She has become a qualified heir to the throne. The reserved and noble princess and the wanderer passed by.

Ye Qingxuan never thought of the day when he would meet again.

Did not expect that she was crowned king so soon.

She has become the emperor, noble and powerful, but not what Ye Qingxuan imagined.

The new king’s tour of the kingdom in the shadows has begun.

The king of hell will come.

When Ye Qingxuan came to the shadow of Avalon, the tour hadn’t finished yet, but hell had already revealed a vaguely hideous face.

Mary had never hidden her whereabouts, or that she had 西安夜生活第一论坛网 never thought of avoiding it.

The king patrols with a high-sounding appearance.

She passed through the city gate, along the winding streets, walking on the blood-stained road, upwards, through the broken city, towards her palace.

Wherever he went, all the buildings and streets fell apart and collapsed into fragments.

Huge etheric fluctuations spread out from her.

Above her head, the crystal-like crown reflected the reflection of the city, rendering everything a dim light from hell.

For the first time in hundreds of years, the Kingdom of Shadows has ushered in sunshine.

But the sun grew out of the darkness.

The dark sun echoed her singing, rising from the topmost palace, shining on this city of demons, and accelerating its collapse.

Countless pungent sulphur dust fell from the sky, burning with a little bit of fire, like hot rain. The rain of fire covered every corner and ignited everything.

Countless demons neighed, trembled, and died in the fire. They maintained the action of kowtow until they died, dedicating everything to