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three subjects at the beginning of the volume: 17 points. It was a full 100 points away from the final result. “Doesn’t it seem that the problem lies with Maisie?” Nana woke her head. “Eh, is it just like this?” Mystery month was greatly disappointed. “Isn’t it because the scroll deliberately protected Maggie and used the high scores in exchange for honey barbecue!” Lily slapped her on the back of the head, “You give I shut up!” “Will you continue to watch?” Axia asked timidly, “Shall we leave here early, it will be bad if we are discovered.” “Wait,” Candlelight said in a deep voice. “Maybe something went wrong in the transcription.” “No, I already know the result, so that’s it.” Evelyn shook her head. If it were the original writing method, it would indeed be possible to confuse the densely arranged numbers, but in the universal education promoted by His Majesty Roland, the numbers have been replaced with simple and easy-to-remember single-stroke fonts, so the chance of confessing mistakes is too slim. “I think it was Maisie who flew in from the window and stopped the jerky!” Miyue covered her head, “Don’t do it, I don’t say that.” I saw that “Shujuan” checked all the test papers and began to copy the scores until everyone. All of the results are collected on one table, and the score in the Maisie column is still 17 points. “It doesn’t seem to be the problem of Teacher Shuju,” Candlelight let out a sigh of relief. “Can we go?” Axia said anxiously. Evelyn was about to respond, “Shuju” suddenly stood up and looked in the direction of the door. The six people immediately followed her gaze, only then did they notice that the door of the room had been opened at some point, and a city hall apprentice appeared in front of the office. “What are they talking about?” Mystery Yue asked. The phantom has no sound, so everyone can only judge the conversation between the two by the shape of the mouth. “It seems that Lord Shujuan Barov is looking for you for something?” Then Shujuan nodded and followed the apprentice and left t