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In an instant, the concept of distance was confused, forty-five meters equals forty-five centimeters.

The dark palm did not exert too much force, but Bernadette felt a chill. In

such a cold, She found that she could not use the two level 0 sealed objects, the sage forehead ornament and pale death.

Normally, as long as she infused with spirituality and gave the corresponding thoughts, the sealed objects on her body would react correctly and make a difference. effect, but now, this default procedures 新西安夜网 and rules are interfered with, distorted, no matter how Bernadets rotation thoughts, no law to let them seal was little movement.

she is like speaking into the air.

fog After the above Klein tried to transfer the Queen of Mystery without real success, he did not delay time, and immediately sketched a series of complex symbols and magic signs in

his mind . What he wanted to simulate was the hidden space of the mystic, and prepared Separate the place where Bernadette is from the black emperor’s tomb and hide it to help the mystic queen get out of the current predicament.

In fact, at this time, it may be more appropriate to simulate the fairy tale magic of the source of the peach blossom, but consider By the time Bernadette was also a occultist, Klein felt that it would be better to use space to hide, 西安桑拿网 otherwise it might expose the Fool’s secrets a bit.

As for where the space concealment was learned, of course it was the newly promoted magician Foer think.

Before, Klein used the name of Gehrman Sparrow in the world, He rented Lemano’s travel notes and asked Miss Magic to record the corresponding abilities in advance.

Then, he released them again and again, recorded them again and again, and recalled the complete travel notes from the fog of history again and again. With knowledge and skills, you can simulate spells such as space hiding.

As the multiple gems on the star rod lit up, Bell The area where Nadai was located became a little deeper, as if shrouded in a curtain woven by shadows.