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seems to have a bad impression of me!

“What are you looking at?” A cold voice sounded beside him.

“Well” I didn’t feel his arrival at all, I was really taken aback by him.

The 西安夜生活第一论坛网Mage Gallaher also wore wide shorts and a cut-sleeve vest, standing tremblingly under the beast’s mouth, letting the abundant water wash the blood stains on his body. Although his voice was cold, I could feel it. His kindness, he just didn’t express his feelings well, his voice and face were cold, his body was thin and thin, and under the torrent of water, he was more like a weak ordinary person. 西安耍耍网

He stared at the mermaid statue, and said, “Does that water-gathering magic pattern array? You can see that it is different?”

“Uh!” Obviously I didn’t have one, I just looked at Guoguo sister. The spirit of the water element, but I don’t know how to say it.

Magus Gallaher went on to say: “Yes, it’s just a primary water-gathering magic circle. The reason why the current is so strong is not that there is something peculiar 新西安夜网 about the magic pattern circle, but that Prince Louis is building this one. At the beginning of the mermaid statue, a piece of emperor squid leather was used very willfully to draw a magic pattern on the leather of the third-level top-level water monster. Even the simplest water-gathering technique can be so majestic. Isn’t it weird?”

“The leather of the emperor squid can enhance the power 西安桑拿网 of magic?” I opened my eyes and asked the Gallaher magician curiously.

The Mage Gallaher glanced at me in surprise, and then said coldly: “What do you think, how can a third-level monster leather have such a powerful effect, do you think it is a dragon skin? The leather of the third-level water monster is not bad, that’s it!”

“I didn’t even guess what he wanted to express, so Galah mage left with such angrily.

When I then 西安夜生活网 walked out of the bathroom, I happened to see Noah rushing over with the two maids excitedly. Seeing me coming out of the bathroom, I stopped in amazement, and asked me in a daze, “You’re over?”