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the crack, an endless void can be seen. In an instant, the spear of breaking the emptiness hit the magic enchantment of Vagro Fortress, as if a bullet hit a glass bowl, and the magic enchantment was broken when it touched. Moreover, the Void-Breaking Spear was still in 西安桑拿按摩 the air. After passing through several high-rise buildings in the fortress, the Void-Breaking Spear disappeared in the distance, leaving only a long void and shattered space passage to prove its existence. Looking at the shattered space passage that could not heal for a long time before him, Jin Long took a breath, and the lord White Dragon did not expect that the spear of Void Breaking was so powerful. Worthy of being an invincible space magic! Everything happened between the electric light and flint. Before the demons and the ordinary army could react, the magic enchantment shattered and disappeared. Click! The tower that was pierced by the Void-breaking Spear was broken, and the upper half of the tower smashed to the ground, and the rumbling impact awakened everyone. Army attack! The morale of Mage Allen’s subordinates was naturally high, and the demons were retreating steadily, or they were chased by the army and slaughtered. The three high-level legendary powerhouses also entered the battlefield, and the demons died faster. The golden dragon flew across the sky, and the golden stream of fire spewed downwards, sweeping over the demons fleeing on the fortress street. The bones of the demons and the melted bricks were tightly fused together, regardless of each other. 西安桑拿网 The frosty breath of the White Dragon Lord swept across, leaving behind the frozen building and a demon ice sculpture. Like the White Dragon Lord practiced ice magic, in addition to consuming huge space magic, Mage Ellen also practiced elemental magic as an auxiliary means. Flame, frost, lightning quickly harvested the lives of demons. In less than ten minutes, all the demons in the Vagro Fortress became corpses. While the soldiers were collecting the trophies, the White