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ates Ed.

So you were teasing me before ?

This is the power to reverse the battle. With the awakening of Lorenzo’s secret blood, Ed’s ability to resist.

No, I just don’t think it is necessary, because the secret blood awakening level is too high and will be discovered by the gospel church. Just like you said, the thirteenth secret order has been implemented. Before all the secret blood is recovered, the Templar Knights never stop.

Lorenzo just do not bother it, his spirit hidden in a lot of old London, six years he found no one, no one has even said that qualified him to wake Bloodmyst to such an extent.

hunting Evil group They are dead, but the Gospel Church still exists. They have assembled an armed force called the Knights of the Templar in the name of faith, and all believers will become their eagle dogs. The secret blood is a precious treasure, and the Gospel Church is not for this wealth.

Maybe it will stay out. So what is it now, I finally let you face it?

Ed gripped the sharp black sword, and 西安耍耍网 the rising heat tried to fuse it.

Lorenzo’s face was completely hidden under the visor, only the blazing fireworks gushing out from the gap, swaying slightly leaving a white one. Trajectory. It’s

not like that, it’s just that there is something more worthwhile waiting for me to do, so I don’t have time to chat with you here. I

hold the black sword with my backhand and pull it out again, and the burning blood sways, and Ed will also be the next moment. Raise the mottled nail sword, bring fireworks

and slash it fiercely. The

metal slams, splashes chaotic sparks. Ed is like a burning beast, the blade slashes wildly, on the surface of the burning body Above, more metal began to precipitate, like raised spikes, blazing white and pitch black collided together, and then swayed into the clump of 西安夜生活论坛 blood.

The sharp warning sound was all in the ear, that was it. The icy middle voice is like a machine. It

is a bolt of silver binding, and the damn thing is screaming in its own ear. This is te