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and then shook the flashlight towards He Tianlei.

After the latter received the signal? He grinned silently, and carried the metal detector in his hand on his shoulder? Turned on the headlight and flashlight 西安桑拿网 to the maximum brightness, and strolled into the cave in a leisurely manner.

As for the possible mines, he is not worried? It is too obvious to want to bury mines on this hard rocky ground. Just pay attention to the possible trip wires? Don’t worry about stepping on mines at all.

Walked along the winding cave for less than 20 meters? The cave had an inflection point again and began to descend. At the same 西安夜生活论坛 time? Wooden boxes with no top cover but half of lime began to appear on both sides.

On these wooden boxes are picture frames wrapped in kraft paper. At the same time, some sculptures of different materials appear sporadically in the boxes, and there are even sets of medieval armor and several crowns inlaid with jewels!

He Tianlei bent over and picked up a small crown studded with diamonds and 新西安夜网 looked at it. He made sure that it should be pretty on Liu Xiaoye’s head, and he slipped it into his backpack.

Continue to walk inside, a stack of books tied with twine and some records in a carton began to appear on the wooden box. At the same time, there were some sporadic European medieval jewelry boxes neatly framed on the wooden box.

He Tianlei looked behind him and saw that the beam of the salted fish hitting the corner with his flashlight was still there, so he relaxed and continued to walk inside.

The space in the cave is more spacious, but the things stored in it are becoming more and more messy. Large and small boxes are randomly placed on both sides, and some even dumped on the ground, scattering the various documents stored inside. Both.

He Tianlei’s expression became cautious. He threw 西安夜网论坛 the metal detector on his shoulders aside, carefully cleaning up the scattered paper, and gradually cleared out a path that could only be passed by one person. From time to time, he would look