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y one particularly burly man among the white-robed guards was heard. Said loudly! The

high priest pretending to be a princess’s monster?

The princes and ministers were surprised! The young talents took a breath. The pharaoh of the kingdom even got up directly from the throne, but Yaman Lana frowned extremely hard to look.

“What are you 新西安夜网 talking nonsense?!” Yaman Lana snorted in a deep voice.

However, the white-robed guards ignored them. They had already drawn out their weapons. At this time, they all started to move towards Yaman Lana. It was a ruthless play!

At this time, facing the fierce attack of the white-robed 西安夜生活第一论坛网 guards, even though Yaman Lana had experienced countless battles with giant beasts, she did not dare to care about the strength of these white-robed guards personally trained by the temple. Ya Man Lana knows better than anyone in the palace!

Really to count, Yaman Lana’s training over the years is at most the level of these white-robed guards, and here, there are more than a dozen of the same level as her. White-robed guards!

“Are you crazy? How dare to shoot at me?!”

Facing Yaman Lana’s angry roar, the white-robed 西安夜生活论坛 guards did not waver, the shot was still fierce and soon they held them in hand. Weapons, and Princess Yaman Lana is only empty-handed at this time.

In just a few moments, Princess Yamanlana was already defeated. Seeing that she was about to be captured by these white-robed guards, Princess Yamanlana bit, and instantly took out the artifact she had stored next to her.

But the white-robed guards seemed to have expected it a long time ago. One of them actually threw a big net at this time, and instantly covered Princess Yaman Lana over the rope that they began to tighten the big net, and killed Yaman Lana. Strained tightly, the artifact in her hand was even shot down to the ground by a white-robed guard who sprang from behind.

Princess Yamanlana suddenly panicked, seeing that the artifact that was shot down on the ground was slipping out all the way because of