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matter?” the subordinate asked.

The commander frowned, thought for a while and said: “The appearance of this guy reminds me of those fanatic ascetics of the Holy Church. He doesn’t know who he is offering his faith to.”

“Faith?” 西安夜生活论坛 Subordinate one Surprised.

The leader shook his head and said: “Don’t think about it, we can’t see that kind of thing! We are magicians, academicians pursuing the truth, and we are not playing theology. Go back, the tower masters are discussing and dealing with things in the world. It turned out.”

“What is the result?” The

leader said with a strange expression: “It seems to be planning to establish the first magician academy in this world!”

“Difficult, 西安夜生活网 is it Hogwarts?!!” The subordinate exclaimed.

The commander slapped the subordinates on the head, “What do you mean? It’s just a plan, and I haven’t thought about the name!”

The law enforcement team had already left before the sunset ended.

Time zone, eleven.

On a street in the capital of the island nation, a 西安桑拿网 fierce-looking young man was sitting at a ramen restaurant facing the street, eating a large bowl of char siu ramen.

The owner of the ramen shop in front of the table was chatting with customers.

Regarding what happened in the last few days.

“Really! I can guarantee that what I saw was the legendary Earthbound Spirit! You know, it was because of the murder of that house and the price was so low that I had the money to buy it. of! ”

” so you think that 西安耍耍网 last night saw the white, is the predecessor of the owner’s wife was murdered? ” ”

otherwise what? ”

“Someone also told me in the morning that they saw the dead husband, and she was visiting the door at that time. The plumber repairer is on the bed”

“Oh? Boss, tell me the process carefully”

Hearing this, the young man with a vicious look seemed a little impatient and patted the table hard. Loudly: “Boss, where’s my dumplings? Don’t you want to do business? I demolished your shop?”

“Ma, right now!” The ramen shop owner was startled.