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f the Corrupting Spirit.” Joe sighed and said the message he heard from the corner of Hydra Palace: “The heretics of the Corrupting Spirit, their They are mentally distorted, their thinking is chaotic, and they habitually harm others and disadvantage themselves.”

” Change to other heretics, and if you cooperate with them, they may abide 西安夜生活论坛 by the secret. But you will never know the heresy of the Corrupting Spirit. What they will do in a moment.”

“So, if you are the messenger behind everything, then Mia and Mike betray you as an ally, that’s… it’s completely possible… Maybe they want to kill with a knife, and then swallow it. Where’s all the loot?”

Joe’s words were like a sledgehammer, knocking Ferdinand stunned.

He shook his body very uncomfortably, his butt seemed to have countless spikes, rubbing left and right on the seat.

“Ah, ah, ah, yeah, yeah, the corrupting spirit, those damn lunatics… they can do everything, there is nothing they can’t do.” The

group rushed forward.

Joe suddenly felt a hint of palpitations inexplicably.

His pupils were quickly covered with a faint black gloom, and then a layer of crimson 西安夜生活第一论坛网 light lit up under the black gloom.

The dark vision brought by the blood of the abyss mayfly made his vision in the dark dozens of times higher than in the daytime. On both sides of the avenue from the pier to Hyderabad, in the dense black pine forest, even the shaking of a pine needle , Joe can see clearly.

The black pine forest is dark and there is no light and shadow.

But Qiao saw that in the 西安桑拿网 depths of the pine forest about a hundred feet away from the main road, there was a nine-foot-high, extremely skinny silhouette, about the size of a normal person’s arm, standing there quietly.

In Crimson’s field of vision, the person exuded a substantive malice and killing desire, and a trace of scarlet evil spirit poured out from him, covering the entire team like an octopus.

But these scarlet evil spirits 西安夜网论坛 were still dozens of feet away from the team, and they spread to