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ignited with the light of the fingertips. After

taking a deep breath, he extinguished the flame on his fingers and exhaled fuzzy smoke.

He clearly closed his eyes, but he tilted his head to look When facing Arthur’s direction, it made people feel 西安耍耍网 that those eyes must be full of mocking and mocking.

In Arthur’s sluggishness, he smiled and asked softly: “Do you know there is something? , Is called the’Holy Grail of Destruction’?” At

that moment, it seemed that despair transformed the form and fell from the sky.

The dragon of natural disaster roared 西安夜生活网 frantically, its broken body squirming, and it crazily crawled towards Ye Qingxuan’s place. But as Ye Qingxuan’s palm lifted up , The entire turbulent ground veins under Avalon gave out an earth-shattering roar. In

the heaven on earth, the ancient scroll of “Genesis” unfolded again, absorbing endless power, and once again descended on Avalon, countless forbidden music theory out of thin air Unfolding, the super-light domain music theory is set up.

First of all, there must be light.

In the cold light, the huge realm shrouds Arthur in it, isolating the inside and outside. It is like a huge 西安桑拿网 glass wall, closing the sky and The earth dragged him into another world.

The ode to creation, at this moment, contains the meaning of destruction.

Countless pivots are running, huge gears tens of meters high are rotating, the alchemy matrix of the homeland defense 西安夜生活论坛 front is rapidly changing, and one after another huge cables sprang from the broken ground, accessing the hugeness shaped by Genesis. Above the realm.

It was like a huge crystal six-sided cube falling from the sky, imprisoning Arthur in it, allowing the broken dragon to struggle frantically, but unable to break through the invisible cage, and could only watch as despair 西安夜网论坛 engulfing himself a little bit.

In front of the six-sided cube fault, Ye Qingxuan finally opened his eyes, raised his head, and stared at Arthur, seemingly pitying and sympathizing with his next encounter, and his tone became warm and so