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eaking in. When

there are guests visiting, we enter the next door, pay close attention to the movement, and open the door at any time ‘In the past to save people.

If Mr. Dawn Dantes is out, Mr. Butler will tell us in advance that I will hide under the carriage for protection, and you will find another car to follow.

Hugh, you are getting more and more professional! Fors gave a serious compliment, and then chuckled, I just saw the portrait of Mr. Dawn Dantes, if it wasn’t the source of danger you said this time In terms of business competition, I would even suspect that the problem came from emotional disputes.

Before Fors spoke, suddenly saw a carriage parked outside the door of the house, and several policemen in black and white uniforms stepped off.

What’s the situation? Looking at his friend, he found that Hugh was also puzzled. In the

small living room on the second floor, Klein saw four police officers.

Mr. Dawn Dantes, do you know Mr.

Caron? Caron? Klein thought about it. I remembered that this was the husband who sold the shares of Coim Company to him.

Know, what happened to him? Klein asked calmly. The

leading police officer responded politely:

He committed suicide.

In addition, he left a suicide note, Accuse you of forcing him to sell his shares, torturing him with various ill-conceived methods, causing him to be extremely depressed.

And his family has provided proof of the content of his suicide note.

Chapter 125 with emotion,

Caron committed suicide? Use the suicide note to identify me and force him to sell the shares? Can his family provide proof for 西安桑拿网 this? Klein listened to the statement of the chief police officer while digesting the corresponding content, and generated many questions in his mind.

Wait until it is clear what happened. After something happened, his first reaction was:

Baron Sindras took the shot! After

the big banker failed to seek cooperation, he did not hesitate to use the attitude of the enemy to launch follow-up actions, without any 西安夜生活网