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uddenly, but when I thought about what he said, it did make sense. My dignified lord later couldn’t hold back my repeated requests, and a great talent reluctantly agreed. Nehru took the initiative to continue. Once flattering starts, although it feels as if something will never go back, it will inevitably come in handy. Yes, that’s the case. Lord Lord nodded repeatedly. Ok. Annie reached out to Richard, and I will be responsible for the company’s permanent store in Gaoshan Fort. I hope we can cooperate happily. of course. Richard held the half-elf’s little hand and shook it twice. there’s one more thing. Annie originally stood between Richard and the cloaked entourage, but suddenly stepped back to let her view. I want to introduce a famous naturalist, Mr. Buckland. Good day, Lord Richard. The man in the cloak slowly took off his hood, lowered his head and supported the tortoiseshell round glasses on the bridge of his nose. This pair of glasses lacked a leg, and was barely hung on the ear with a fine twine. I have never heard of it. Richard got up from the wicker chair with a single bone: Tiger people? It is not difficult to determine the race. The slender and pointed ears are elves. They are similar to humans and have various animal characteristics. They are half-orcs. In short, they are basically inseparable from their external characteristics. But Lord Lord was hesitating at the moment-although the man in front of him had a tiger head, he was not as tall as Annie. He was a short and chubby little old man, and he looked like a top warrior with a height of three blades and a weight of 1,000 pounds. Mr. Buckland comes from the famous White Tiger clan and is better at art than fighting. Annie motioned Richard not to make such a fuss with her eyes. My nickname is “Sugar”, so you can also call me Tang Baihu, Lord Lord. Bucklan blinked his small eyes innocently after speaking, wondering why the pioneer lord suddenly showed a smile. Good day, Mr. Sugar White Tiger. In the eyes of Lord Lord, he should have