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closed after the two messengers passed. Through the God’s perspective of the White Tower, Lord White Dragon saw the familiar figure in front of the portal, who turned out to be Felicia. After thinking about it, Lord White Dragon understood why Felicia had come. Like most longevity species, Felicia had no concept of time, and the priests practiced as they pleased. She was stuck at level 19 with Willy for many years. This time, the professional breakthrough legend of Willy Warriors, only Felicia in the four dragons is not a double 西安夜网论坛 legend, Felicia is estimated to be stimulated. When Sister Long arrived, Lord White Dragon walked out of the White Tower and greeted him. Welcome, my dear sister. Oh~, Amos. The two dragons walked into the White Tower together. After chatting for a while, Felicia explained her intentions directly. Brother, I want to join the army and hone myself in battle. Well, my dear sister, if your goal is only to hone yourself, the army may not be the best choice for you, the adventurer is. Your priests can play an important role when the army responds to large-scale group operations. Therefore, no legion commander will let you be in the front line. Moreover, I don’t know when the war will break out, maybe tomorrow, maybe it will be. Decades later. To become an adventurer, you can take the initiative to find a battle, but the adventurer is the most risky profession. Of course, you decide how to choose the road. No matter what your choice is, I will support you. After the White Dragon Lord analyzed the pros and cons of the two choices clearly, he handed the choice to Felicia. Thank you, brother. Felicia lowered her head and thought. For a long time, 西安全城安排网 Felicia raised her head. I have decided, I will choose to be an adventurer. Well, I knew it would be like this. Lord White Dragon shrugged. However, I have limited knowledge of the adventurer industry, um, So we need to consult professionals. Chapter 354 The origin of the howling of the wild boar The lord of the white dragon brought the drago